What You need to Know Before Supergirl Season 2

October 10, 2016

What You need to Know Before Supergirl Season 2

Tonight, Supergirl returns and finds a new home on the CW! To the fans delight, Kara will be joining the rest of the DC TV heroes which not only means stronger alignment with the umbrella Warner Bros brand but hopefully super-crossover galore! Even though it's only been one season, a lot has happened and we want to make sure you are caught up before the fun begins. Here are the essentials:

  • Still a lot of mystery around the government agency Cadmus. In the comics, Cadmus is doing cloning experiments so we may see that play a big part in season 2. Cadmus is holding the secrets of Jeremiah Danvers and Alex and Jonn'z will hopefully uncover the truth about it. 
  • After being a servant to Cat Grant's every whim, it looks like Kara's dedication has paid off. The last episode ended with her getting a promotion and her own office. Doing what? We'll see.
  • With the awesome crossover episode with Flash, we know the multiverse is inevitably going to collide with the Scarlet Speedster as well as Arrow and Legends. The question is how.
  • Kryptonian villian Non lost to a heat stare down with Supergirl. Presumably he is incarcerated but something tells us this is not the last we will see of him.
  • And the shipping! James Olsen and Kara have expressed their romantic interest but the timing wasn't right in season 1. No doubt love will be in the air for season 2
  • With Myriad vanquished, Hank Henshaw is reinstated as the Director of the DEO and Kara returns home to celebrate normalcy with her circle of friends. However, the party is interrupted when a Kryptonian space-pod crash lands nearby. Supergirl and Martian Manhunter fly to it to investigate and when she opens the pod, she lets out a gasp!

What are you most excited for in season 2? Let us know what your theories will be with the FlArrowverse. We'll also be LIVE TWEETING tonight so follow along at @HeroWithinInc.

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