What's Hot at Hero Within!

December 01, 2016

What's Hot at Hero Within!

It's December 1 and Christmas is only 24 days away! Yikes right? We had an amazing Black Friday weekend where we not only made great sales but also connected with a lot of new fans. Any time you encounter a brand online for the first time, we know it's a risk. The result of experiencing our coats in person at a few cons have led to immediate sales and growing our following. However, we recognize that most of you have not had that opportunity. Buying something from just a few photos takes a big step of faith on your part- and we are committed to not let you down. At Hero Within, we are hardcore fans and we only create what we would feel proud to wear. The future of geek fashion culture is at stake and we don't take this task lightly. With that being said, we want to share what is performing the best on our site. Orders are (finally) about to fulfill and soon many of you will have the very first Hero Within product in your hands. But for those still shopping around for that special nerdy gift, here are the top selling merchandise on our store and a couple you should take notice:

1. Batman Heavy Peacoat: As the flagship of our collection, this piece embodies all the values of Hero Within. Sophisticated, subtle, and empowering, the Peacoat is by far our most popular item. When fans see it in person, fangasm ensue. If there is a special geek in your life, this will be perfect for them. This coat is especially popular in the north-east. More info here.

2. Flash Hoodie: Unfortunately, the Batman Peacoat is a little heavy for some regions of the US, so this is where our Flash Hoodie comes in. Premium and high quality, this hoodie is perfect year round. This hoodie has done the best on the west coast. More info here.

3. Batman Light Peacoat: With the same design, style and attitude as it's heavier big brother, the Batman Light Peacoat has been very popular on our site because of it's versatility. The Light Peacoat has a Bruce Wayne vibe and is very protective from the elements. This coat is most popular in the mid-west. More info here.

4. Green Lantern Jacket: While the Emerald Warrior has been out of the mainstream TV/film media for sometime now, Green Lantern fans are still committed and passionate. The reason why fans love this jacket is because it pushes them creatively. You NEVER see green jackets so this one definitely makes a fashion statement. More info here.

5. Batman Blazer: More and more people are catching the vision for the reinvention of the traditional blazer. This is a great way to bring your fandom to work or an event without being too obvious. We've had many professionals thanking us for creating sophisticated professional wear for them. We offer the Dark Knight Black and Gotham Grey- but there are only a few in each size left in the Grey! More info here. 

6. Batman Designer Jeans: Very few have tried to redesign this classic men's basic. We feel wanted to be launch the world's first designer Batman jeans as a statement- we're not afraid to take risks and the change the status quo. It's such a simple concept and we are excited to explore more heroes soon. This is truly a unique gift for a Bat-fan in your life. More info here.  

7. Justice League Jewelry: We recently added a collection to compliment our apparel line. Partnering with Guild Jewellry Design, we now offer the Justice League Jewelry Collection. Classy and sophisticated, we are proud to offer these rings and cufflinks on our site. Perfect gift for any DC Comics fans. More info here.

There you have it! We hope this list was helpful and please let us know if you have any questions. A Facebook Chat window is always available at the bottom of your desktop screen. We usually respond very quickly. Thanks and happy holidays!

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December 08, 2016

Love the Batman heavy P coat. I would love to see a proper Batman wallet. Please work on this. I bet you can make a great one.

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