When It's Good to Be Bad: Suicide Squad at SDCC

July 10, 2016

When It's Good to Be Bad: Suicide Squad at SDCC

Usually, the line is pretty clear: good versus evil, the good guys versus the bad guys. Every once in a while, we find ourselves cheering for the baddies, but we don't know why. 

DC's Suicide Squad though. They make bad look so cool. The Suicide Squad has been around for several years, but their growth of popularity has much to do with the infamous anti-heroine Harley Quinn.

Now, since her inception from Batman: The Animated Series in the early 90's, Harley will appear in her first live action movie, arguably leading the Squad parade just less than a month from now.

So what's DC doing to help us get to know the Suicide Squad and their motives? How can we feel how good it is to be bad just for a moment? I mean, let's face it, in the end, we all know The Dark Knight wins, as he should.

At this year's San Diego Comic Con, DC is putting together the full immersive experience for new fans and fanatics to get to know the "worst" of Belle Reve.

  • Bust Into Belle Reve! - Every day, the Hard Rock Hotel will be transformed into Belle Reve penitentiary! Fans will be able to experience similar scenes adapted into the movie, VR experiences doing missions with the Squad, take pictures in the pen, and even get real tattoos at Harley's tattoo parlor.
  • Squad Goals - If it's your goal for you and your squad to see and meet the cast of the Suicide Squad, this is your chance. The cast will make a Hall H panel appearance, doing meet and greets, and also a live taping at Conan O'Brien's SDCC show.

On top of all of this, don't be surprised seeing after-parties, giveaways, and all that other con-type stuff.

Oh yeah, did you know about the Suicide Squad cosplay contest?

Yeah, whoever gets the most votes for each character (eleven chosen) gets an all-expense paid trip to SDCC and partakes in Suicide Squad activities.

It's no doubt that DC wants fans to be familiar with the Suicide Squad and experience their story prior to the film release. The Squad has already made its way out of Belle Reve, now it's our time to break in and walk their shoes so we can know how good it feels to be bad, just for a day or two, or three at SDCC.

For more information on Suicide Squad at Comic Con news check out Batman News.

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