Why We Should Invite A Friend To Comic Con

July 15, 2016

Why We Should Invite A Friend To Comic Con

Strength in numbers. Divide and conquer. Two heads are better. A chord of three strands is not easily broken...

There are plenty of cliches out there regarding taking over the world or getting things done.

Well just because these are cliche doesn't mean they're not true. The same goes when tackling a giant like San Diego Comic Con. If you have experience at a con, big or small, you know that it can get pretty overwhelming when it comes to covering the grounds, grabbing exclusives and just plain trying to soak everything in.

You don't have to go it alone! Having a buddy there for any kind of support is worth a million footsteps, a thousand words because you know you're gonna take at least one picture and well, imagine the recap you'll do once the con is over. It's like going through a major battle together and coming out more alive than you've ever felt.

First, if you can handle cons alone and have come out better for it, KUDOS! Please teach us your ways. Otherwise, from our experience, we know that nerd collabo, is one of the strongest forces on earth.

So here's why it's key (notice how I said key) to invite someone to San Diego Comic Con:

  • Divide and Conquer - In a previous blog we wrote about how it's nearly impossible to catch every fine pearl that DC will be throwing at us this year. Having a friend there to cover more ground with you and bring back the collective treasure at the end is a part of the SDCC journey.
  • Offsite Events - SDCC has turned into a giant fairground for anyone and everyone. I've invited friends and family regardless if they have badges because the amount of epic geekery and nerd collectibles are just as available to the community than those who are inside the con hall. For example, one year as we were leaving, Norman Reedus was doing a panel for Courtyard Marriott in a parking lot. We ended up being less than five feet away from him, and half of our group didn't have badges.
  • Residual Geek Effects - Once you invite someone to SDCC, it opens people's minds that they might be missing out on something huge and spectacular. This might open their minds to something a little less intimidating like a local con or even start taking interest in why you're going in the first place.

Overall, it's the thought of inviting someone that counts. Everyone is looking to be a part of a community, a bigger picture. There are still nerds out there who haven't realized a full expression of their nerdiness. There are a lot of non-nerds out there who don't realize the impact that nerds make in the world. A place like SDCC would be their true homecoming, and a simple invite by us just might be their way in.

Have you ever tried to tackle a con alone? What was it like compared to going to a con with others?


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