Wonder Woman is the most influential hero of all time!

October 13, 2016

Wonder Woman is the most influential hero of all time!

Our favorite heroine is making news again as she ramps up for her epic return to the big screen! Wonder Woman tops Entertainment Weekly's list of the most powerful superheroes in pop culture. Arguably, one of the strongest aspects of Zack Snyder's polarizing Batman v Superman was Gal Godot's portrayal of the Amazonian Warrior. Now with her feature film coming out in June 2017, Wonder Woman will be the first super heroine title in this modern comic book era (starting with Ironman in 2008). If there is anyone that is going to spearhead the way for super females onscreen, it should be Diana Prince. It's no surprise that EW awarded her at the top of this very prestigious list. We predict 2017 will be the year of the Amazon and her presence will completely change the comic book, TV and film industry. Check out the amazing excerpt from Entertainment Weekly:

Wonder Woman tops EW's list of the 50 Most Powerful (and Influential) Superheroes

Wham! Crack! KA-RASH! Those are the sounds of a red boot kicking through a glass ceiling.

Before Leia, before Rey, before Katniss, Michonne, Ripley, Buffy, or Furiosa, there was Wonder Woman. Diana Prince. The Amazon princess of Themyscira. In the history of heroes, she ascends to the top as the singular icon for half the population— and more if you count all the boys who aren’t afraid to admire her unparalleled hardcore ferocity.

On her 75th anniversary, it’s time she finally gets her due. As a feminist icon, she represents something that’s bigger than Spider-Man or Batman. She’s an inspiration for every little girl who would like to imagine herself saving the world.

Wonder Woman isn’t the only female hero, but she stands apart. She began as a true original, rather than a variation on a previously existing character, and she blazed a trail as one of the first grown-up females in comics without a “girl” attached to her name. But she’s more than just a symbol who resonates deeply across generations; in terms of comics mythology, she’s an enduring powerhouse.... Check out the full article at Entertainment Weekly.



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