The Hero Within Cause

Hero Within Incorporated is committed to provide support and inspiration to foster youth of Orange County, CA. A percentage of Hero Within profits will go towards supporting these little heroes ranging from elementary age to teenagers. On average there are over 300,000 kids in the foster care system in the United States. Sadly, in just Orange County there are approximately 3,000 kids in foster or group homes. These kids have hopes, dream and limitless potential but need our help to give them a fighting chance. Partnering with local state services, perhaps we can make a difference.

As a foster and adoptive parent for over 8 years, Tony Kim is passionate about providing support and care to youth at risk in Orange County. The superhero origin stories found in many comic books are not that different from the stories of foster youth. Think of the origins of Superman, Batman and Spiderman just as an example. Coming from hard places, many of these children are orphaned or separated from their parents for either a short time or forever. The feeling of being a misfit, marginalized or misunderstood can be overwhelming and comic books can serve to facilitate healing and help kids-at-risk to find a voice. That's why Tony wants to merge his passion for comics with his love for foster children. By buying a Hero Within product, you will help get age appropriate and inspirational comic books into the hands of foster kids between 6-18 yrs of age. During 2018, Hero Within is partnering with Orange County Social Services to provide comics at various events. Comic books alone can't solve the foster care issue but every little bit helps. They are heroes after all- but just need a little support. To get involved or donate, contact us through the form below. Help these foster youth find their hero within.