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The years at Irvine High school are a special time in the life of your teen. Commemorate the Vaqueros experience with a Limited Edition Varsity Jacket. Hero Within offers all the quality and detail without the exorbitant high cost from traditional vendors. Features 100% cowhide sleeves, synthetic wool blend body, and the Vaqueros logo printed on the inside. Sleeve options come in Classic Tan and Elite White leather.

Patches, embroidery or pins are NOT included and are for sample photos only. See below for patch production suggestion.

No refunds but exchanges are permitted if available

Model: Hayden is 5'7" and is wearing the size Medium

Frequently Asked Questions:
What does Limited Edition mean?
Limited Edition means we created a special IHS version with a lighter synthetic wool blend. This will allow for you to wear this jacket longer through out the year. Who needs heavy wool in California?

How do I pick up?
After your purchase, you'll get an email about pick up instructions in Irvine (within 24 hours).

Preorder Details:
This is a preorder which means, a certain amount of units must be sold before manufacturing can begin. If the minimum quantity is not reached, orders will be canceled and money will be refunded. Money back guarantee.

Embroidery details:
Even though the jacket is fully lined and finished, invisible zippers are installed along the inside front sides and along the inside back. this allows for full access to the interior to add patches on the front and fully customize the back. This avoids extra charges from embroiderer.

How do I order patches?
We have partnered with a couple of patch companies in the OC area. You will have to take your jacket to one of our suggested locations or find your own patch supplier. Etsy is also an inexpensive place to order custom chenille patches. IDC Embroidery in Bellflower, can complete a jacket in a few weeks. Many of our families have now ordered patches through them.

How much do patches cost?
Your patch costs will vary on your needs. A name and a patch sewn in can cost you as low as $30-50. A jacket with a name and several patches can cost up to $150 or more. It's up to you.

Is there an extra charge for 2XL or 3XL?

Can I return this?
Normally, Hero Within allows for returns. However, since this is made to order, returns will not be allowed. Exchanges for size will be permitted based on a very limited inventory.

For other specific questions, feel free to email:

Each Hero Within coat is carefully crafted with the highest quality materials and created in a safe fair-trade production environment.

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