7 Fashion Items You Will Need For Comic-Con

July 10, 2016

7 Fashion Items You Will Need For Comic-Con

If this is your first time to San Diego Comic-Con, it can all be an overwhelming experience. The sights, the sounds, the swag and the spectacle! It's a lot to take in. Nothing will ruin your day more than not being prepared with the right supplies, equipment and gear. Since we are a fashion blog, we are going to focus on a few fashion accessories you might need to weather the storm of Comic-Con.

  • Light Hoodie
    Some of the programming rooms can get chilly- especially the gargantuan rooms like Hall H or Ballroom 20. A light, long sleeve shirt that has a hoodie on it is the perfect item for both indoor and out in the sun. You can also tie it around your waste so not to take up valuable space in your bag.
  • Hat/Cap
    Whether you are lining up outside of Hall H or for one of the numerous offsite events, it's a good idea to have a hat or cap to protect yourself form the sun. Most of the offsite events will have you lining up outside so you need to be ready. I remember one year getting cooked outside in the Hall H line with only the program guide to provide a tiny bit of shade. Believe me, you won't regret it.
  • Sunglasses
    For the aforementioned reason, some shades would be good. Plus you look cool.
  • Shoes
    A couple of days ago, Marlon did a post about the right footwear for Comic-Con. Another suggestion is going with a closed toe shoe- not a sandal. The con floor can get pretty congested, forcing large crowds to shuffle together like a mob of zombies. If you have sandals, your toes will inevitably get crushed. Plus, sandals (or heels) hardly provide the arch support you need for a long day at the con. Insoles are also a good idea.
  • Dress up
    During the days, you'll probably be outfitted in comfortable shorts and your favorite nerdy t-shirt. Fine for tackling the con but you might feel underdressed for the night life. There will be a number of parties happening all over the Gaslamp like at Nerd HQ, Camp CONival and more. You never know when you'll get an invite to something that requires a collared shirt and pants. So good idea to be prepared and bring a pair or two of nice threads.
  • Backpack
    A pack, satchel or man-purse is a must at Comic-Con. From all the swag to supplies, you will need something to help you get through the day. Besides being functional, the right pack also makes a fashion statement. You'll want to balance function with fashion and decide what is the priority. You'll get the Warner Bros bag/backpack upon entry but those are only good for light use. If you have serious supplies, make sure you have the right pack.
  • Nerd Up!
    This goes without saying but you need to let your geek flag fly. This is great time to express your fandom by wearing any number of geek t-shirts at the con. The weirder the better and it's a great opportunity to start conversation with your fellow line mates. Amazon Prime may be able to get you something in time but you better hurry.

There you go- our fashion accessories suggestion for Comic-Con. Many of you vets have done this many time before, so please leave your suggestions too. Thanks and best of luck!

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