Comic Book Character Mashup Ideas for Your Next Costume Event

December 07, 2016

Comic Book Character Mashup Ideas for Your Next Costume Event

Compared to previous years, comic cons and other superhero-related gatherings are happening more frequently. One of the common segments of these events is cosplay where many hardcore fans display their best work in imitating the appearance of their favorite characters.

In a previous post, we featured superhero costumes from CW shows which we considered the best. Given the popularity of many of these characters, the likelihood is you can expect to see more of these costumes in future events.

So, why not go against the grain and create something completely different? For a more geeky twist, why not combine two different comic book character’s costumes? Using mashups as an inspiration, you can create a costume that is both cool and interesting. Many artists combine different characters as an expression of creativity and to imaginatively marry the qualities of the figures together.

It’s no different to the TV show crossovers that we highlighted in a previously published article. The series creators let characters from separate titles meet to make the shows more epic, considering that they’re all part of a superhero multi-verse.

Similarly, the gaming industry has spawned the likes of the highly anticipated fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite which sees characters from both studios duke it out; as well as the casual pastime Slingo which is a mix of slots and bingo that’s now gained its own player fanbase. In music, it’s also become common to hear artists collaborate with each other, even when they’re not producing music from the same genre. Some superhero musical themes are even used as crossovers for various characters within the same multi-verse.

As for costumes which you can showcase at upcoming events, there are many interesting superhero mashups scattered on the world wide web. Though they are still limited to illustrations as of late, you can create real-life versions of the outfits through some dedication and effort.


image credit: Top Tenz)

If you’ve got a muscular build, turn The Flash’s red costume into green and you will be able to pull off the FlashHulk look. With the speed of The Flash and strength of The Hulk, you’ll display the ultimate superpower combination that even Superman cosplayers will envy. The only catch is, you’ll have to display your best rage face at all times to convince people you really have created the ultimate FlashHulk.

Iron Lantern

(image credit: Screen Rant)

This one basically uses the same principle, in that you just have to change the red suit to green. It’s as straightforward as it looks, which is a combination of Iron Man and Green Lantern. Replace your arc reactor on the chest with Lantern’s ring emblem and you have yourself a jaw-dropping outfit.


(image credit: Screen Rant)

How about fusing two superhero teams together? JLX stands for Justice League and X-Men which means you have tons of characters that you’ll be able to mix together. For a start, check out Wonder Woman/Storm, Aquaman/Namor and Martian Manhunter/Professor X as possible designs.

Dark Claw

(image credit: Screen Rant)

If you fancy seeing The Dark Knight having Wolverine’s regenerative powers and other abilities, then look no further than Dark Claw. Both of them are truly badass characters, and combining their costumes into one will turn heads no matter which event you attend.

Joker Loki

(image credit: Pop Culture Monster)

Of course this list won’ be complete without mentioning at least a couple of bad guys. Imagine The Joker wearing Loki’s armor and vestments and wielding the infamous Chitauri scepter. The end result looks really sinister which adds more impact to your villainous appearance.

These are just a few comic book character mashups you can try out. 

Just remember to keep it as simple by using the most identifiable features of the costumes to retain the essence of the characters you’re aiming to merge. At the end of the day, the goal is still to pay homage to your favourite comic book heroes.

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