Free Shipping on New Year's Day!

January 01, 2018

Free Shipping on New Year's Day!

Another year has come and gone but 2017 will definitely be a year to remember. As you know, it was not an easy 12 months. From natural disaster, acts of terror, stories of harassment, loss of prominent figures, political tensions and more, it was scary to wake up each day to turn on the news. However, persevering is what humankind does best. Even in the darkest hour, we bring hope, inspiration and love to help each other make it to the next day. Regardless of heinous acts or cataclysmic loss, many everyday heroes stood up to help bring hope and healing to our 2017. So while there was a lot of pain, there was much to be grateful for. 

For Hero Within, 2017 was an amazing year. One filled with many challenges and opportunities. It was our first full year of operations and we grew a lot as a young company. We had a blast launching new product in conjunction with the Wonder Woman and Justice League films. Later in the year, we announced our women's license and began our Justice League Ladies Collection. The best part of 2017 was traveling to comic cons to meet many of you in person. From San Diego, to LA, to New York and more, it was our privilege to connect and grow our Hero Within family. Our first full year also came with plenty of challenges and while we were not perfect, we tried to learn from our mistakes. We have great plans for 2018 with a couple of big announcements coming soon. To kick off the new year, we are offering Free Shipping on any coats today by using the code: HappyNewYear2018

Thank you for your amazing support this past year. Your patronage, e-mails, Tweets and likes have all contributed to our success. The best is yet to come and look forward to experiencing a new year together with you. From our Hero Within family to yours, we wish you a Happy New Year.

Tony B Kim
Founder and CEO

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