How to Fly With All 21 WBTV Shows at SDCC

July 13, 2016

How to Fly With All 21 WBTV Shows at SDCC


Umm...The WB is coming to San Diego Comic Con with an infantry of television shows. Twenty-one shows?! Twenty-one shows! That's insane. maybe they've secretly changed the meaning of DC to "Disney's Competition." They're def not holding any punches. We've already posted how the Suicide Squad will be taking over Comic Con off-sites and mega-media, Now it feels like these twenty-one shows will be doing the inner workings of winning over the crowds with an onslaught of panels. 

Of course the CW giants will be there in full effect: The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl (Welcome to the CW), and The 100. Also, let's not sleep on FOX's Gotham and Lucifer. Big Bang, Blindspot, Teen Titans...goodness, what is the WB not doing these days?

Most of the big hitters (CW TV) will be in one block party on Saturday. Let's not overlook how Gotham is now big enough to throw it's own party that same afternoon in a totally separate room. 

But don't sleep on the new shows that will be debuting their pilots at SDCC: Frequency, same producers as Supernatural, and there's also Time After Time, a show about a young time-traveling H.G. Wells. Both of these on Saturday evening. People of Earth a comedy series produced by Conan O'Brien and Greg Daniels (The Office) will premiere on Friday. What if Conan makes some type of appearance?! Anything can happen at San Diego Comic Con.

But how does any one person take all of this in? How can you possibly make all of these panels? Well much like the infamous Hall H, you got to play your cards right:

  1. Strategery (Not a word) - Know where you're going and what you're getting into. The panel times for most if not all have been posted now, which pretty much act as a proverbial map
  2. Earliest Bird - It seems like people are lining up earlier and earlier. Most stick it out, but some tap out which gives random hopefuls a chance to get to see their favorite panels. It's always good to arrive as early as possible to scope the joint.
  3. The Waiting Game - Waiting in line at a con is not the pits. There's so much to do in line like meet awesome nerds around you, plan the rest of your day epic day, sort through pics and just rest your feet. But geek interaction is what makes the con come alive. Most of it takes place in these lines.
  4. Divide and Con - If you're with a group, some of you may have to divvy up the task list, conquer different sides of the con and tell of your epic journeys when you reconvene. This is a norm for the Comic Con experience. Strength in numbers.

The good thing about Comic Con is that there's plenty of opportunity and so many levels even if the floor gives way beneath you. If you don't make everything on your A-List, the B-List and the people are more than enough to suffice and make any panel.

With twenty-one shows brought by the WB, your chances are pretty high on making it to one of your favorites.

For more on the WBTV's presence at Comic Con 2016, check out:


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