Dressing Geek Chic at SDCC: Guys (Geek Fashion)

July 12, 2016

Dressing Geek Chic at SDCC: Guys (Geek Fashion)

Recently, Tony posted about the 7 fashion staples to bring to SDCC. Yes, these are vitals of geek fashion and survival at SDCC which will also cover your geek outfit in the most versatile way.

One of the points that Tony made was to "Dress Up." One of my first experiences at last year's SDCC was experiencing the night life. It felt great to change out of my sweaty, sticky con clothes and into something a little more special to celebrate the night. Don't worry, if clubbing, shuffling (is that still a thing?), or getting turnt up isn't your thing, there's plenty of other night time geek adventures to be had. Just being a part of the geek collective worth it all.

But that doesn't mean you can't get a little fresh and tidied up.

Here's how you can dapper up and walk the Gas Lamp and Bayfront with a little more pep in your step:

  • Cardigan - A cardigan is good for any look whether it's from trendy casual to semi-formal. Go blue, gray, or bold. Throw a hat on whether it's a snapback or fedora (yes there are nice ones), and you're ready to film the most epic DubSmash right where you are in downtown San Diego. Skip the hat, and you're still good.
  • Denim Jacket - Denim jackets are light enough for summer and thick enough for cooler nights. Plus, if it gets too warm, you can tie it around your waist or carry it over your shoulder. Pretty soon you and your friends will feel like you're owning the halls like the Breakfast Club. Extra points: A casual knit tie (non silk) and/or button-down.
  • Nice Jeans - Everyone has a pair of casual jeans, but there's also such a thing as dress jeans. These jeans tend to be more subtle, are less faded or worn, and can match with trendy casual or semi-formal attire. Trust, after a day of hiking in whatever pants you're wearing, it will feel good to settle into some clean and fresh denim. Extra Points: Not too long and not too short in length. This happens with one or two rolls at the bottom with cuffs that are less than two inches.
  • Accessories - With guys fashion, there isn't much to accessorize. So details matter. There is however the option of a watch (for the love, please wear one), bracelets, rings, lapel pins, socks, necklaces, ties, bow ties, hats...Well hey, I guess guys do have options, but don't let them overwhelm you. Start with one or two items until it feels comfortable. Remember even the Green Lanterns only rock one ring, and together they light up the whole galaxy. With a little willpower, you can do the same.

With all that's listed above, you have the option of waving your nerd flag with either a graphic tee, a patterned tee or a button-down. It will all come together. So piece it all together, and you'll be the Voltron of geek chic fashion.

It doesn't take big leaps, but risk and baby steps are involved.

You'll feel good once you do it though.

Oh, shoes...Here's the blog for shoe tips!

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